Space Tech, Prop Tech

Space exploration is driving the creation of futuristic technologies that have a potentially vast range of applications on earth if they are effectively harnessed by business and innovators. The World Economic Forum, introduced a new standard called the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR), in 2022, which aims to recognise, reward, and encourage space actors to design and implement sustainable and responsible space missions. The real estate industry, which consumes close to 40% of all raw material and energy globally and accounts for a little over 30% of carbon dioxide emissions is increasingly turning towards PropTech to mitigate these ill-effects as much as possible.
According to a report by the World Green Building Council, green buildings have been shown to save money through reduced energy and water use and lower long-term operations and maintenance costs. By 2050, more than half of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas , bringing huge challenges - and opportunities - for investment in sustainable infrastructure across all sectors of the economy. Technology and innovation have a key role to play in the switch to a low carbon economy with sustainable infrastructure.

New Mobility Solutions

Change has been the driving factor in the mobility space and will continue to define the sector.

New Mobility can substantially support and shape urban revitalization and significantly improve quality of life and environment in cities around the world. At the same time, it can open up a wealth of business and employment opportunities—locally and globally.

Global energy consumption has increased 40 times in the last 100 years and is set to double by 2050. Due to its lower carbon trail, it is necessary to deploy renewable energy sources to drive sustainable engineering operations across all industries worldwide

Creating energy with a zero carbon footprint is a great stride to a more environmentally friendly future.

Commerce, Logistics & Factories

With the rise of e-commerce and its associated supply chain demands, logistics and Fulfillment, companies and sellers are aware of the need for sustainable developments, and that they have a strong role to play to reduce environmental impact in the supply chain.

Studies show, 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental causes

The growth of factories has increased employment and expanded opportunities, yet it has also been characterized by pollution, climate change, and alarming risks to workers’ health and safety.

Through innovation, advanced analytics, digitization, electrification and process efficiencies, carbon-intensive operations underpinning the global economy can shape a more sustainable future.

Gig Economy & Digital Co-operatives

The gig economy has proven its resilience and potential even in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, by continuing to unlock jobs in the millions and keeping communities connected.

The technological intervention in this space has contributed to the uptick in demand, and hence the earnings opportunities associated with it.

Health Tech & Wellness

The pandemic has made us more conscious of our lifestyle choices in pursuit of optimizing our health. The increased focus on all-rounded wellness, including mental health, the use of technology and the evolution of a wellness ecosystem are fundamental changes outlining wellness.

Healthtech holds great potential to induce significant growth in the healthcare industry through the incorporation of various emerging technologies and platforms, bringing us much closer to attaining UN’s 3rd SDG of good health and well-being.

The Future ICT Forum in the Press

Forum proceedings 2022

Speakers 2022

Speaker 1

Anjum Parwez IAS

Managing Director
Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited BMRCL

Speaker 1

Felix Neugart

Business GMBH, Germany

Speaker 1

Manu Saale

Managing Director & CEO
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India

Speaker 1

Jacob Peter

SVP, Executive Board Bosch Global Software Technologies

Speaker 1

Friedrich Birgelen

Deputy Consulgeneral German Consulate General, Bangalore

Speaker 1

Andrea Hendrickx

Country Head & Executive Board Member Infosys Germany

Speaker 1

Rajesh Nath

Managing Director German Engg
Federation (VDMA)

Speaker 1

Pradhyumna Ingle

Regional Business Head Asia Pacific,
Henkel Technologiess

Speaker 1

Ambika Banotra

Chief Representative NRW Global Business

Speaker 1

Steen Thygesen

Audientes A/S Denmark

Speaker 1

Dr. Biju Jacob

Director, Health - Social Alpha
Director, UN Health Innovation Exchange

Speaker 1

Sanjiv Kumar Jha

Principal Smart Infra
AWS - South Asia

Speaker 1

Pavan Kumar

Senior Vice President Global Indirect
Business - ALTAIR

Speaker 1

Chandrakanth B.N.

Founder & Chairman
Pairee Group

Speaker 1

Aayush Jha

Co-Founder & CEO

Speaker 1

Shampa Ganguly

Co-Founder & CEO
Citility - Integrated Mobility Platform

Speaker 1

Derick Jose

Co-founder- Flutura
Decision Sciences & Analytics

Speaker 1

Solomon Devaraj


Speaker 1

Benjamin Pfrang

Head India Office, RWTH
AACHEN University, NRW

Speaker 1

Uday Narang

Founder and Chairman

Speaker 1

Jose Varghese

Director -Technology

Speaker 1

Manjunath Sekhar

Project Manager
Green Urban Mobility Innovation Living Lab

Speaker 1

Dr. Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi

Medical Director And General Manager at NURA

Speaker 1

Bose Varghese

Head of Green Initiatives

Speaker 1

Vijay S J


Speaker 1

Manu M R

Cooey Health

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Smart City & Government officials

Envisioning Sustainable Cities

Corporate representatives

Deploying Turnkey Solutions & Rapid Scaling

NGO and Academic representatives

Bridging The Urban Knowledge Gap

Startups and Accelerators

Bringing Innovative and Cost Effective Retrofit Solutions to the Cities

Investors and VC Community

Demanding People Centric Solutions

Strategic Partners

Summit Venue

Bengaluru is a key city that continues to innovate and shape sustainability solutions from an ICT perspective. Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its pre-eminent position as the nation's leading IT employer and exporter. The City is home to numerous public sector heavy Industries, ICT giants, start-ups, aerospace & defence organizations.

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